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Quincy Carter, with his diverse background as a successful athlete, coach, and advocate for mental health and healthy living, can offer a range of compelling speaking topics that resonate with various audiences. Whether you’re seeking to inspire your team, promote mental health awareness, or receive top-tier quarterback coaching, Quincy is dedicated to making a positive impact. Inquire for Quincy to speak at your event.

By the grace of God, all things are possible...

Speaking Topics

  • From the Field to the Heart: My Journey as an Athlete and Advocate:
    •  Quincy’s personal journey, from his early days as a multi-sport athlete to his
      professional football and baseball career.
    • How he navigated challenges and setbacks, including addiction, and emerged
      stronger and more resilient.
    • The transformation from an athlete to a passionate advocate for mental health
      and healthy living.
  • Leadership Lessons from the Gridiron:
    • Insights into the leadership qualities that make a quarterback successful on and
      off the field.
    • How to lead a team effectively, build trust, and inspire others to achieve
    •  The importance of communication, adaptability, and decision-making in
  • Coaching Excellence: Unleashing the Quarterback’s Potential:
    • Drawing from his experience as a quarterback and coach, Quincy discusses the
      nuances of the quarterback position.
    • The fundamentals of proper throwing mechanics, footwork, and reading
    •  Inspiring young quarterbacks to strive for excellence and pursue their dreams.
  • Mental Health Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Resilience:
    • Quincy’s personal journey through addiction and mental health challenges.
    • The importance of seeking help, building a support system, and finding hope in difficult times.
    • Strategies for promoting mental health and well-being in sports and everyday life.
  • Healthy Living and Faith: Finding Strength in Mind, Body, and Spirit
    • The role of faith in Quincy’s life and how it helped him overcome adversity.
    • The connection between physical health, mental well-being, and spirituality.
    • Practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fostering resilience.
  • The Quincy Carter QB School: Developing Tomorrows Quarterback Stars:
    • Insights into Quincy coaching philosophy and the principles behind his QB
    • The importance of mentorship and skill development for young athletes.
    • Success stories of quarterbacks who have trained under Quincy’s guidance.
    • Teamwork, Determination, and the Pursuit of Excellence:
    • Quincy’s experiences as a member of winning teams in high school, college, and
      the NFL.
    • How teamwork and determination are essential for achieving both individual and
      collective goals.
    • Strategies for fostering a winning mindset within teams and organizations.
  • Overcoming Stereotypes and Breaking Barriers:
    • Quincy’s journey as part of the first all-black high school team to win the state
      championship in Georgia.
    • The importance of diversity and inclusion in sports and society.
    • Inspiring individuals to challenge stereotypes and pursue their passions
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