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Quincy Carter QB School

Quincy’s passion for football extends to coaching the next generation. He founded the Quincy Carter QB School in 2019, where he imparts his knowledge and experience to young
quarterbacks. His mission is to impart youth with the tools and intangibles to be an elite quarterback.

The school’s training program covers various aspects of the quarterback position, including proper throwing mechanics, footwork, pocket movement, and coverage recognition. Quincy’s
coaching expertise has been shared with prominent programs such as Elite 11, The QB Legacy, Baylin Trujillo Advanced QB Football Training, and numerous camps nationwide. 

Through his camp, young men learn how to play the game’s most important position.


Quincy Carter Quarterback School is enrolling for Atlanta and Austin, 2024.
Request information for our summer camps in Atlanta and Texas

When your son enrolls in a QC Quarterback Camp they receive:

  • Instruction led by veteran NFL players as well as proven Division I college players who seek to improve your son’s mental and physical game
  • Passing drills, footwork, technique examined
  • Mentors for positive team interactions and self discipline
  • 4:1 ratio of coaches to kids
  • Water breaks every 20 minutes
  • Motivational message from a former by former NFL coach or player
  • T-shirt
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